Anime Comes from Netflix...

A view of the world from the logic of Diva & Boo--and their frazzled mom, too.


I figure the best way to start is to introduce myself.
I am Mel, Mom of two very smart and somewhat evil kids: Diva (10) & Boo (9).
It has just been us 3 for as long as they can remember, and we like it that way. We did recently acquired a new member of the family Momo 'the ninja kitty'.

~there will be more I just didn't want to leave this blank~

I will leave you with how this blog was named

My kids are gems...among other things.
On the way to school one day--Diva was a first grader at the time,she's in 5th now, Boo was a Kindergartner--we where talking about talking cats(long story in itself).

Diva goes, cats don't talk. Unless they are a person in a costume, a puppet or in a cartoon...

adds... or they're in a anime.

Diva said... that right... because there is a difference between Anime and cartoons... (something i have--how would i put it! Stressed to my kids this very point--nawww I don't influence my kids at all)

so I asked... Whats the diffrence between Cartoons and Anime?

Diva answered right away. Cartoons are American... (not that they are, per-say. but this is the logic of a 5yrold)

Diva went quiet after that even Boo was silent. (you could literately hear crickets chirping in the van) and silence when those two are together is NEVER good.

so I asked... Where does Anime come from? (knowing she watched enough of it in the original Japanese language... so I figured, she'd say Japan; maybe even Korea. I watch a lot of Asian dramas too, maybe she'd get confused.

Boy was I wrong

she was quite for about a min, making this cute little humming noise she does when she is deep in thought...then speaks up, practically bouncing in her booster seat.

Diva: Oh, I know Mommy...

"Anime comes from NetFlix!!!"

ME: *facepalm* we live in a very isolated place not much of a market for the video stores to carry a large selection, and given anime is VERY expensive to buy and this was before Hulu, Crunchyroll or even Neflix instant. I had been relying on those wonderful red envelops to keep me in my addiction, and expanding my kids views past that evil yellow sponge.

At the time this happened, I had started laughing so hard that, by time I dropped them off at the school I was in tears!!!

I have since broadened their Anime sources, but she will never live down that. I love my little monsters.

Well that is all for now...
ja ne

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